Extension & Continuing Education

For professionals in the Health Sciences, development does not end after graduating with a university degree. On the contrary, professional development needs to be continuously maintained and improved. The mission of the Extension and Continuing Education Department is to provide life-long learning opportunities for people who have completed professional education and wish to update the knowledge and skills of their field or learn new procedures, skills, or technologies. 

The Extension and Continuing Education Department of the School of Medicine collaborates with the continued education training opportunities developed by the different academic Departments and is responsible for internal and external communication to promote the faculty’s academic work. This Department plays a critical role in strengthening the School of Medicine´s corporate reputation and shedding light on the work conducted by professors and students. In association with the different majors and clinical departments of the Faculty of Medicine, the Department is in charge of the development of theoretical and practical learning programs and activities. This include courses, workshops, certificate programs, symposiums, and conferences offered in different learning formats (in-person and E-learning).

The Extension and Continuing Education Department, alongside the Public Relations team, is in charge of communicating the strategic plan for the School of Medicine, including teaching, research, assistance, and administration. The Department’s journalists, communications specialists, and designers work on the School of Medicine´s modern web pages and social networks to broadcast relevant and quality information to the community. The public relations team coordinates interviews, visitor logistics and guidance, consultations with the strategic cabinet on public affairs and crisis management, and the organization of faculty events and ceremonies.

International Relations for the School of Medicine is also housed within this Department and works to stimulate student and professor mobility to and from major universities around the world.

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