Who we are

Attained the highest standards in the training of physicians and specialists in Chile and Latin America.  

The School of Medicine of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile opened its classrooms on May 1, 1930, offering its inaugural class to the first generation of future doctors. Since then, it has attained the highest standards in the training of physicians and specialists in Chile and Latin America.  

Mission & vision


UC’s School of Medicine as one of the most prestigious medical schools in the country is compromised with excellence in teaching, innovation and health care, but also with the importance of global citizenship.

In this line, the International Cooperation Office aims to expand our global presence and collaborate with prominent health-care and medical institutions all over the world, fostering comprehensive-learning opportunities for academics, students, researchers and medical professionals.


We want to be internationally recognized as a leading institution in teaching, research and public service.

We encourage our academic community to explore, learn and lead in their fields, prepared to serve society under the virtues of benevolence, compassion, prudence and justice.


 Dr. Rodrigo Figueroa: Director 

 Daniel Castillo: International Cooperation Officer

Our Strategy

The UC medical community is committed to the development of technical and relational skills for preparation to interact as active agents in their fields.

Our Agreements

We aim to collaborate and participate in the international medical field by defining and establishing strategic partnerships in order to give UC medical school students, academics and researchers the possibility to grow in their academic areas and their values.

+562 2354 9247


Av. Diagonal Paraguay 362, Piso -1, CP: 8330077; Dirección de Extensión, Educación Continua y Relaciones Internacionales.


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