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pregradoThe UC School of Medicine attracts the best students in the country, and annually admits 120 candidates. The school offers a 12 semester degree program that leads to a degree in Medicine and the Medical Doctor (M.D.) license.

The purpose of the School of Medicine is to provide society with physicians of excellence, who possess a concept of the human person that encompasses our transcendent dignity, the complexity of our biological, psychological and social dimensions, as well as our vital relationship with our physical surroundings. Doctors will have scientific-technical training of the highest quality and sound morals based on Christian principles, which will be the foundation of their ethical behavior. 

The School of Medicine constantly renews its teaching methods, to adjust them to the needs of students and the times we live in. The School of Medicine completely renewed its curriculum in 2015, optimizing and improving training for its undergraduate students with a new curriculum based on competencies, and a sound foundation in science, humanist abilities and medical professionalism, in accordance to the health needs of Chile. The curriculum’s reform, which reduced the medicine program to six years, is ground-breaking in the country and will be followed by other schools of medicine.

The pillars of the new medicine curriculum are: participatory education centered on students, the development of communication skills, practice on standardized patients, early patient contact, vertical and horizontal integration between basic, clinical and social sciences, humanities and professionalism.

The School of Medicine’s Medical Education Center conducts activities for teacher development, research in teaching and undergraduate student learning assessments. A medical education course is provided for Faculty members to improve teacher development.  

The Simulation Center includes facilities equipped with the highest technology to provide training in different clinical areas, such as role playing and standardized patients, fictional clinical scenarios and technical skills training for a number of surgical procedures. The Surgical Simulation Program is one of the primary tools for medical training and the transfer of skills to the regular clinical practice.

The School employs about 750 teachers, of which 92% hold a Doctor’s degree or studies in specialties for over three years. In 2009, the Medicine program was accredited for a maximum of seven years by the National Accreditation Commission, and in 1997 and 2007, the School was assessed by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), which confirmed that its education quality standards are in compliance with the criterion of excellence required by the United States and Canada.  

 Excellence in Medicine 

• Curriculum reform; first university in Chile to shorten its Medicine program from 14 to 12 semesters. 
• 2° place in Latin America, QS ranking 2014.
• First choice for undergraduates who achieve the highest scores in the university national admissions test (PSU).
• University with the highest scores in the medical graduates National Medical Knowledge Examination (EUNACOM). 
• Organizers of the main residents’ conference in Latin America (LACRE).
• Only southamerican  university to participate in the Universitas 21 Health Sciences Group.
• GEMx / ECFMG Partner





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