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Centro de Imágenes Biomédicas


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Líneas de Investigación:

Medical Imaging, translating new imaging methodology into clinical applications, magnetic resonance imaging, cardiovascular imaging, image processing, modeling of physiology and hemodynamic processes. 3D printing and rapid prototyping. 

Centro de Imágenes Biomédicas

Proyectos de Investigación:

Fondequip EQM150033 (USD330) Resonador Magnético preclínico. Investigador principal. 2015-2017.

Fondef IDeA 150411003 (USD$220K) Radiología Cuantitativa: Reportes Cuantitativos de Grasa Abdominal Total. Principal Investigator. 2015-2017

PIA. Anillo 151102002 (USD $650K) Tecnologías de Imágenes por Resonancia Magnética para Enfermedades Asociadas a la Vejez: Cerebro, Corazón y Vasos. Investigador Titular. 2015-2018.

Fondecyt 1141036 (USD $400k), Non-invasive 3D full-field Quantification of Cardiovascular 4D flow MR images. Principal Investigator. 2014-2017

Fondecyt 1130146. (USD $400k)Effect of Cholecystectomy on Serum Triglyceride and Hepatic Fat Levels in Women and the Development of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Mice. Flavio Nervi, Sergio Uribe et al. Co-Investigator. 2014-2017

Fondecyt 1130379. (USD $180k). Development of contrast-free magnetic resonance angiography and tissue perfusion techniques. Marcelo Andía, Sergio Uribe et al. Co-Investigator. 2013-2015

Fondecyt 1130887.( USD $120k) Topologically flexible prior shape knowledge for Level Set segmentations. Cristián Tejos, Sergio Uribe et al. Co-Investigator. 2013-2016

Education Scholar Grant (USD $70k), Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). Latin American MR E-learning platform. Principal Investigator. 2012-2014

Multidisciplinary Project (USD $20k). Quantitative imaging biomarkers from cardiovascular magnetic resonance images. Principal Investigator. 2011-2012

Fondecyt 11100427, Conicyt (USD $150k). Improvements for Magnetic Resonance Non-Contrast Enhanced Angiography and Flow Imaging Techniques. Principal Investigator. 2010-2013.

Anillo ACT79, Conicyt (USD $900k). Biomedical Imaging in obesity: from cellular mechanisms to clinical applications. Associate. 2010-2013.

Fondecyt 1100864, Conicyt (USD $160). Evaluation and improvement of the geometric accuracy of rapid prototyping. Co-Investigator


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Libros y patentes:

Book Chapter: 4D flow imaging. Book Title: Imaging of the Cardiovascular System, Thorax, and Abdomen). Editorial Taylor & Francis. In Press.