Visiting Researcher Program

Applications may be cancelled if conditions are not suitable for international mobility.

The School of Medicine open its doors to undergraduate and graduate students willing to come and participate in one of the various research programs conducted by our academic staff.

This program is focused only in research, not in undergraduate clinical rotations or medical specialties short-term programs.

Research Topics

Some of the research topics our School of Medicine works on are:

Medical education Function and dysfunction of the feto placental unit
Cardiovascular diseases Immunity and inflammation
Hemorrhagic and Thrombotic Diseases Early origin of chronic diseases
Infectious diseases Radiology and Biomedical Imaging
Metabolic diseases Mental health
Neoplastic Diseases Oral health
Respiratory diseases Public Health and Primary Care
Normal and pathological function of the Nervous System

For more information please visit the website of our Division for Research.



  • All candidates should have a clear and defined research purpose.
  • All participants must bring their own insurance, which must be valid for their entire stay in Chile.
  • As UC is not able to provide assistance on any financial issues that applicants may encounter,  candidates are required to cover all the expenses associated to their stay in Chile. Please consider the following expenses:
    • Housing
    • Transportation a
    • Food
    • Visa, if applicable
  • All applications are subject to evaluation. Therefore, the submission of the application does not assure the acceptance to the program. 

Applications are reviewed and processed by the International Cooperation Office in coordination with the Department of interest. 


As you may be aware, given the current circumstances with COVID-19 pandemic, UC School of Medicine has determined the following safety and sanitary indications:

  1. Applications may be cancelled if conditions are not suitable for international mobility.
  2. Accepted applicants will need to comply with the travel restrictions, testing and quarantine measures as indicated by the Chilean Health Authorities. The International Office will update accepted applicants on the measures as the date of their rotation approaches.
  3. Health insurance must include COVID-19 coverage.
  4. All international visitor at UC shall complete the following UC Tracing Form. This form shall be filled daily before arrive to UC Campuses: 
    1. In case of any symptoms or clinical situation, visitors must inform the International Cooperation Office & Academic Tutor at Host Department.
    2. All visitors must contact their insurance company to know about the medical facilities where the insurance will work.
  5. In case of any further information, international visitors may use the following sources:
    1. UC special Site for COVID-19 (Spanish only):
    2. School of Medicine site for COVID-19 (Spanish only):
    3. In case of questions, visitors may contact UC COVID-19 taskforce:
    4. In case of any non described situation, you may contact our team by email  ( or Phone/WhatsApp (+569 34278147)

+562 2354 9247

Av. Diagonal Paraguay 362, Piso -1, CP: 8330077; Dirección de Extensión, Educación Continua y Relaciones Internacionales.