International Mobility Support

UC’s School of Medicine is compromised to open the pathways to its undergraduate students interested in participating in experiences abroad. Under this compromise, we give the chance to our students to apply for mobility contributions for travel expenses.

Conditions and Considerations

The School of Medicine considers the following criteria for contributions assignment.

  • We will consider High Prestige Host Institutions.
  • The language of instruction at Host Institution must differ from Spanish.
  • Students will have to be evaluated by UC’s Socio-Economic Evaluation Department and cataloged as “socioeconomic deficit situation students”.
  • Students should not be under academic or disciplinary sanctions by the School of Medicine nor any other academic unit.
  • There is no fixed amount or number of contributions, as each case is evaluated case-by-case.

How to Apply

1st: Arrange a meeting with International Cooperation Officer here

2nd: Apply to Ambassadors / GEMx / U21 Clinical Rotations Program.

3rd: Arrange Socioeconomic evaluation with DASE according to the instructions that will be sent to you directly.

4th: Once DASE informs the result to the School of Medicine, International Cooperation Office will determine if the students are eligible for the contribution or not.

5th: If the students are eligible, International Cooperation Office will arrange the formal procedures for the contribution.

+562 2354 9247

Av. Diagonal Paraguay 362, Piso -1, CP: 8330077; Dirección de Extensión, Educación Continua y Relaciones Internacionales.