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Attained the highest standards in the training of physicians and specialists in Chile and Latin America.  

The School of Medicine of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile opened its classrooms on May 1, 1930, offering its inaugural class to the first generation of future doctors. Since then, it has attained the highest standards in the training of physicians and specialists in Chile and Latin America.  

UC’s School of Medicine

The objective of the School of Medicine is to train professionals of excellence to serve society, who base their work on respect for life, the dignity of people and the virtues of benevolence, compassion, prudence and justice. 

Professionals who train at our School of Medicine possess a scientific-technical training of the highest quality, in addition to sound morals, based on Christian principles. By the end of their academic training, our physicians will have acquired the competencies to promote inclusive and quality healthcare and solve the fundamental problems of any disease at all stages of life.

During their studies, students will develop scientific creativity, abilities to conduct critical analysis and teamwork, and an attitude that fosters self-improvement and independent study. These traits will allow physicians trained at UC to perform in different social contexts and acquire the foundation to be leaders of change in their fields.

The UC School of Medicine attracts the best and brightest students in the country*, and offers a 12-semester degree program resulting in a Medical Doctor (MD) license. 

  *First choice Medical School of students who achieve the highest scores in the University National Admissions Test (PSU).

The School of Medicine completely revamped its curriculum in 2015, optimizing and improving training for its undergraduate students with a new curriculum. Thanks to this enhancement, we became the first university in Chile to condense its Medicine program from 14 to 12 semesters, incorporating to our educational model a comprehensive undertsnading of medical competencies with a sound foundation in science, and humanist abilities and medical professionalism.

Division for International Cooperation

School of Medicine Division for International Cooperation is leaded by Dr. Jorge Carvajal since 2014, who also responsible for the Extension and Continuing Education Division.

Dr. Carvajal works in collaboration with Daniel Castillo (International Cooperation Officer), Marcela Grez (Manager of International Accreditation and Postgraduate International Exchange), and the Undergraduate Admissions Office.


Dr. Rodrigo Figueroa C.

Dr. Rodrigo Figueroa C.

Director de Extensión, Educación Continua y RRII

Jefe de la Unidad de Trauma y Disociación

Profesor Asistente

Daniel Castillo M.

Daniel Castillo M.

International Cooperation Officer

Ps. Marcela Grez B.

Ps. Marcela Grez B.

Coordinadora Docente Escuela de Medicina

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile 2018

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