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Francisco Aboitiz Domínguez
Aboitiz Domínguez


Profesor titular

Marcoleta 391, 2 piso
(56-2) 2354 3808

Formación Pregrado :

1975 - 1983: Biología,  Universidad de Chile

Formación Postgrado :

1985 - 1991: Doctor of Philosophy in Neurosciece, Universidad de California.

1991 - 1992: Postdoctorado en Neurociencias, Universidad de California.

Líneas de Interés:
Neurociencia cognitiva.
Neurobiología comparada.

Actividades Docentes Asistenciales :

2003  - a la fecha : Profesor Colaborador. Curso Neurociencia, Licenciatura en Biología. , P. Universidad Católica 

2003  - a la fecha : Profesor Colaborador. Curso Bases Neurobiológicas de la Psiquiatría. Carrera de Medicina, 5º año. , P. Universidad Católica

2004  - a la fecha : Profesor Colaborador. Curso Neurofisiología. Carrera de Medicina PUC 2º año. , P. Universidad Católica

2004  - a la fecha : Introducción a la Neurociencia Cognitiva. Segundo semestre, Doctorado en Cs. Médicas. Director del curso. , P. Universidad Católica

2005 : Participación en el Diplomado en Trastornos de la Alimentación. Centro de Extensión.

2006 Director Diplomado "Bases Biológicas y Evolutivas de la Psiquiatria"

Otras Publicaciones :

- 2004 : Díaz-Veliz G, Mora S, Gomez P, Dossi MT, Montiel J, Arriagada C, Aboitiz F, Segura-Aguilar J. Behavioral effects of manganese injected in the rat substantia nigra are potentiated by dicumarol, a DT-diaphorase inhibitor. Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior, 77:245-251.

- 2004 : Bosman C, García R, Aboitiz F. FOXP2 and the language working memory system. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 8:251-252.

- 2004 : Aboitiz F., Schröter C. Prelinguistic evolution and motherese: a hypothesis on theneural substrates. Commentary . Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 27: 503-504.

- 2004 : Carrasco, X., Castillo, S., Aravena, T., Rothhammer, P. Aboitiz, F. Williams syndrome: Pediatric, neurological and cognitive development. Pediatric Neurology. 32: 166-172.

- 2004 : García R, Montiel JF, Villalón AU, Gatica MA, Aboitiz F. AChE-rich Magnopyramidal Neurons Have a Left-Right Size Asymmetry in Broca's Area. Brain Research, 1026:313-316.

- 2004 : Olivares R, Godoy G, Adaro L, Aboitiz F. Densidad neuronal en la corteza visual primaria en dos especies de roedores silvestres. International Journal of Morphology, 22:279-284.

- 2004 : Bosman C, Brunetti E, Aboitiz F. Schizophrenia is a disease of general connectivity more than of a specifically "social brain" network. Commentary. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 27:856.

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- 2005 : Vargas A, Aboitiz F. How ancient is the adult swimming capacity in the lineage leading to euchordates?. Evolution and Development, 7:171-174.

- 2005 : Inestrosa NC , Reyes AE, Chacón MA, Villalón A, Montiel J, Merabachvili G, Aldunate R, Bozinovic F, Aboitiz F. Human-Like Rodent Amyloid-b-Peptide Determines Alzheimer Pathology in Aged Wild-type Octodon degu. Neurobiology of Aging. 26, 1023-1028.

- 2005 : Aboitiz F, Schröter C. Effective callosal connectivity is also a ratio. Commentary. Current Anthropology, 46:262-263.

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- 2005 : Dagnino, A., Terreros G., Carmona-Fontaine C., Zepeda R., Orellana JA., Diaz-Veli G,. Mora S. and Aboitiz F. Chronic stress impairs acoustic conditioning more than visual conditioning in rats: Morphological anda behavioural evidence. Neuroscience. 135: 1067-1074

- 2006 : Lopez V., Lopez J., Ortega R., Kreiter J., Carrasco X., Rothhammer P., Rothhammer F., Rosas R., Aboitiz, F. Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder involves differential cortical processing in a visual spatial attention paradigm. Clinical Neurophysiology, en prensa. 

- 2006 : Carrasco X., Rothhammer P., Moraga M., Henríquez H., Chakraborty R., Aboitiz F. Rothhammer F. Genotipyc interaction between DRD4 and DAT1 loci is a high risk factor for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in chilean families. American Journal of Medical Genetics Part B, 141B: 51-54, 2006.

- 2006 : Aboitiz F, Montiel J. Origin and evolution of the vertebrate telencephalon, with special reference to the mammalian neocortex. Advances in Anatomy, Embryology and Cell Biology, in press

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- 2006 : Dagnino-Subiabre A, Díaz-Véliz G, Mora S, Aboitiz F. Chronic Stress Induces Up-Regulation of Brain-derived-neurotrophic-factor (BDNF) mRNA and Integrin α5 expression in the rat pineal gland. Molecular Brain Research, 1086: 27-34.

- 2006:  Aboitiz F, García R, Bosman C, Brunetti E. Cortical memory mechanisms and language origins. Brain and Language, 98:40-56.

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