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The Extension and Continuing Education Department of the School of Medicine is an academic unit that provides support, collaborates with the continuous training activities developed by the different academic units, and is responsible for internal and external communication to promote the Faculty’s academic work. This unit is key in order to strengthen the Faculty’s corporate reputation and shed light on the work conducted by teachers and students. 

For professionals in the Health Sciences, learning does not end upon graduating from University; on the contrary, the learning requirements in these professions are maintained or even increased. The mission of the Extension and Continuing Education Department is to provide life-long learning opportunities for people who have completed professional education and wish to update the knowledge and skills of their field or learn new procedures or technologies. 

The Extension and Continuing Education Department, in association with the different majors and clinical departments of the Faculty of Medicine, is in charge of the development of theoretical and practical learning programs and activities. These include courses, workshops, certification programs, symposiums, congresses and conferences, and are offered on campus, as blended courses or as distance education. During 2014, 91 Extension and Continuing Education programs were attended by about 6,000 students from different fields of the Health Sciences. The number of programs and participants is expected to increase by 30% in 2015.

The Extension and Continuing Education Department is also in charge of communicating the strategic guidelines of the Faculty of Medicine’s team of authorities and teachers to the national and international community, including such areas as teaching, research, assistance and administration. The Department’s journalists, communicators and designers use traditional media, the Faculty’s web pages and social networks to broadcast quality information that is relevant to the population.

Internal communications are disseminated through different channels, such as the Interconsult Digital Bulletin, which contains the Faculty’s most significant academic news, the Faculty of Medicine’s web sites, and mass e-mailing of relevant information. The ARS Médica science journal, which will have an Editorial Committee and peer-reviews, will be launched in 2015. This journal will provide information on the findings from scientific research conducted elsewhere. Work is being done to achieve its indexation in the databases of science journals in the mid-term. 

The Public Relations and International Relations areas are also part of this unit. Public Relations is responsible for the coordination of interviews, visitors guidance, consultancies with the strategic cabinet on public affairs and crisis management, and the organization of Faculty events and ceremonies. The International Relations area allows our Faculty to be global, stimulating student and teacher mobility, to and from major universities around the world.




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