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The Faculty of Medicine has a broad and diverse range of clinical facilities, outpatient treatment centers and hospitals.

One of the great strengths of the Faculty of Medicine is its broad and diverse range of clinical facilities, outpatient treatment centers and hospitals, proprietary owned or in association with other organizations. The Faculty of Medicine has three hospitals, nine outpatient centers and three Family Health Centers (CESFAM).

In addition, the Faculty has Associated Clinical Units (UDA), all of them are located in hospitals that are part of the public health system, providing students with a wide range of in-depth clinical experience, from preventive to highly complex procedures, covering all the social-economic and cultural sectors of the population. 

This translates into health care provided by health professionals, 665 proprietary owned hospital beds and 831 associated hospital beds; 800,000 outpatient consultations, 2,200,00 lab exams and 240,000 images.

Clinical facilities of the Faculty of Medicine

• Hospitals
• UC CHRISTUS Clinical Hospital 
• UC CHRISTUS San Carlos de Apoquindo Clinic
• Dr. Sótero del Río Hospital (UDA)
• La Florida Hospital (UDA)
• Josefina Martinez Hospital (UDA)
• Clínica Familia (UDA)
• Roberto del Río Children’s Hospital (UDA Nursing)
• Dr. Horwitz Psychiatric Institute (UDA Nursing)

Outpatient Centers

• Madre Teresa de Calcuta Ancora Family Center 
• Juan Pablo II Ancora Family Center 
• San Alberto Hurtado Ancora Family Center
• Medical Specialties Center
• Lira 85 Medical Center 
• San Joaquín Medical Center 
• Irarrázaval Medical Center 
• Alcántara Medical Center 
• San Jorge Medical Center 
• Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza Cancer Center 
• Sótero del Río UC Oncology Center 
• San Joaquín University Dentistry Clinic

UC CHRISTUS Clinical Hospital

clinical-1The UC CHRISTUS Clinical Hospital is a state of the art center. A team of highly trained professionals and the latest technology allow us to provide our patients with efficient care and excellence in medicine. As an institution that is founded on Christian principles and values, at our Hospital we work within an ethical framework that ensures respect for life and people. 

We provide all the specialties of modern medicine and our professionals are continuously backed by research and the exchange of knowledge with the most advanced medical centers around the world. Therefore, we’re able to ensure advanced medical care, and the highest quality standards.

The UC CHRISTUS Clinical Hospital aims to attain a position of technological and professional leadership in its specialties, to provide our patients and their families with high quality health care.

Inaugurated in 1937, the UC CHRISTUS Clinical Hospital is the leading Chilean health care center, both for its team of people as well as its technological development, and aims to provide the highest quality health care centered on patients and their families. The Clinical Hospital has 40.000 mt2, with 464 hospital beds, 50% of which are intensive care units.

UC CHRISTUS San Carlos de Apoquindo Clinic
Inaugurated in 2001, the UC CHRISTUS San Carlos de Apoquindo Clinic is located in the Las Condes commune. It counts on a multidisciplinary team of professionals dedicated to the diagnose, treatment and prevention of a variety of diseases in children as well as adults. The clinic includes the Psychiatry Hospitalization Unit and the UC Sports Medicine Program. 

The clinic is comprised of two buildings that combined add to a total of 21,186 built mt2, 105 beds, four surgical units and four labor and delivery rooms, in addition to an emergency service, an outpatient unit with 43 examination cubicles, a laboratory and a complete imaging unit. 

UC CHRISTUS San Joaquín Medical Center 
clinical-2Every day, over 150 academic and professional doctors treat patients at this center’s 11,300 mt2 facility. They also supervise the work of undergraduate and graduate students of the Faculty of Medicine, during the course work of their medical specialties, subspecialties and other Health Sciences.

Marcoleta Outpatient Complex
This complex is located next to the UC CHRISTUS Clinical Hospital and is comprised of two buildings: the Medical Specialties Center and the Lira 85 Medical Center. Over 100,000 consultations take place here each year, covering all the medical specialties, as well as diagnostic procedures.  

UC Cancer Center
This center provides treatment and outpatient treatment for oncology patients of different medical specialties, including pediatric patients.  The center includes a medical consultation area, an outpatient chemotherapy unit, a radiotherapy unit and a palliative care unit.

Áncora Family Health Network
The Áncora Family Health Network was established in 2004, after over a decade during which different schools of the Universidad Católica developed work experiences in primary and family health care in the communes of the southeast Santiago area.

The Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile made a commitment before the Ministry of Health and the Southeast Metropolitan Health Service to build and manage Family Health Centers (CESFAM), and develop a network of primary health care facilities that are part of the public health system, yet maintain their affiliation to the Faculty of Medicine.

At present there are three Áncora CESFAM: Madre Teresa de Calcuta and San Alberto Hurtado in the commune of Puente Alto, and Juan Pablo II in the commune of La Pintana.

The network’s mission is to contribute to create significant change in primary health care, especially among the most vulnerable people, by developing high quality health care services and training professionals in different fields, with an innovative, active, effective, efficient and humane outlook. Research and innovation is conducted at these centers, which contributes to the development of primary health care in the country.

Associated Teaching Unit at the 
Dr. Sótero del Río Health Care Complex
The Faculty of Medicine has been conducting teaching activities at the Southeast Metropolitan Health Service since the late 1960’s. Most of these activities are developed at the Dr. Sótero del Río Healthcare Complex, a clinical setting associated to the Faculty. This hospital has 779 hospital beds and 525 doctors, and provides highly complex secondary and tertiary health care procedures for a population of more than 1.5 million residents. 

The Teaching Module of the Faculty of Medicine concentrates the activities of the Associated Teaching Unit. This module is staffed by an Assistant Director, two secretaries, and administrative and library personnel. It is comprised of three auditoriums, eight seminar halls and a student lounge. 

The fundamental purpose of this clinical setting is Tutorial Teaching, which in addition improves the quality of health care -in its clinical and humane aspects-, for lower income people.

Associated Teaching Unit at the 
La Florida Hospital
In 2014, an associated teaching agreement was signed between the Faculty of Medicine of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, the Faculty of Medicine of the Universidad Católica del Maule, and the Southeast Metropolitan Health Service, to include the recently built “Dra. Eloísa Díaz Insunza” La Florida Hospital, as an associated clinical setting for the Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Physical Therapy, Pharmacy and Social Work programs.

This health care center is equipped with 391 beds, 17 operating rooms and 106 examination cubicles. This facility currently offers hospitalization services, surgical units, emergency care, procedures, exams, clinical laboratory, and medical specialties and dentistry consultations

Clinical Agreements

Universidad Católica Sports Club 
As part of the interdisciplinary work conducted between different academic or health care units, each year the Faculty of Medicine renews its commitment to work with the professional team of the Sports Medicine program, to address the health needs of different high performance athletes, sports schools, national sports teams and the UC professional soccer team.

In 2015, a strategic alliance was established between the UC Faculty of Medicine and the MEDS Clinic to provide health care for athletes who require outpatient and surgical treatments conducted by a multidisciplinary team of professionals. In addition, the agreement establishes academic collaboration in the form of internships for all students in health programs. 

Hogar de Cristo
Hogar de Cristo (Home of Christ) is a charitable foundation that was established by father Alberto Hurtado in 1944. The contribution made by UC doctors, nurses and health professionals to provide treatment and palliative care for terminally ill patients at the Padre Hurtado hall, clinical management at homeless shelters and the provision of medical care to people living in the streets is crucial to this organization’s strategic planning.




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